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Expedition Communications specializes in the design, integration and operation of satellite communications services and equipment at affordable costs.  Satellite Communications can be the perfect solution for creating an enterprise network or for providing your business with connectivity to remote or mobile sites or temporary venues. In virtually any location worldwide, we offer complete satellite communication services: planning and design, on-site engineering in support of implementation, modification and upgrade of satellite communications systems and remote site locations.

Working in some of the most remote and underdeveloped areas of the world for the past 25 years, Expedition Communications has transformed the communication capabilities of clients around the world.  We integrate a range of hardware, software and applications seamlessly into a satellite communications platform. We have helped customers to connect with reliable and integrated systems for data, voice and video signal transmissions in over 70 countries and throughout the continental US.

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Nationwide United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Latin America and the Caribbean

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